Success Stories

Elham Razani

Elham, whose name means “inspiration,” she is a Multi-Disciplinary Iranian artist.

I am a multi-disciplinary Iranian artist and a painting teacher and i lived most of my life in Iran. I am born and raised in Tehran, a country known for its rich history of art and culture.  I started my carrier as a self-taught artist 20 years ago and through that period I challenged myself to integrate different social topics and developed my own unique techniques.

Even though I had many private and group exhibitions in Iran I soon realized that as an artist in Iran, it was not easy to present my art in the way i desired. Despite the love of my country, I made the difficult decision to leave Iran due to the situation there. I then moved to Cyprus where i discovered Freshart College in Paphos. With my desire to obtain an academic qualification in Fine Arts I made a research and gathered positive recommendations about Freshart college. By contacting the college i was provided all the necessary information and decided to enroll.

At the beginning of my studies, I faced the challenge of communicating with fellow students as I could not speak Greek, but the environment was very kind and patient with me as they could see my patience and enthusiasm to learn. My final project focused on creating 3D art on Persian doors, i was excited to present my art piece to the world and felt a sense of excitement and motivation that through my studies i was given this opportunity to explore unknown practical skills such as this newfound niche of 3D technique.

Since graduating  i have not only developed my skills both on practices and theory i have also  participated in a number of exhibitions both in Cyprus and Paris.  I am currently working on a range of projects including site specific art that I plan to exhibit in the future.

Giorgos Solomou

His passion for self-expression through creativity was what motivated him to pursue a creative career through studying Fine Arts.

I have always been drawn to arts and I found that creating art was not only a form of relaxation but also a way to communicate my emotions and ideas in a visual form. My passion for self-expression through creativity was what motivated me to pursue a creative career through studying Fine Arts.

Through many recommendations from friends and teachers I found out that Freshart College was an excellent choice for my studies as it covers my needs based on curriculum, high-quality facilities, equipment, and resources to support my artistic development.  I wanted to learn more about theories and practices of art, and I believed that studying fine arts at Freshart College would provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop my artistic voice.

During my time in Freshart, I had the opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable lecturers who provided me with valuable feedback and guidance on my projects. I was also able to work alongside other talented and motivated students who shared their passion for the arts. The collaborative and supportive environment of the college’s art programs allowed me to explore different mediums and techniques, experiment with new styles, and develop my own unique artistic voice. Further, through my journey at college and through my studies I was able to perceive various issues around the world from different perspectives and form critical opinions that helped me develop intellectually.

One of the most rewarding experiences of studying at Freshart was the opportunity to showcase my work in exhibitions and art shows in and out of the college. These events allowed me to share my art with a wider audience, receive feedback and critiques from art professionals, and build my portfolio as an artist. Participating in these exhibitions also helped me to develop important skills such as networking, self-promotion, and public speaking, which are essential skills for a creative and successful artist.

Overall, studying Fine Arts at Freshart College was a fulfilling and transformative experience that made me explored new possibilities and perspectives allowing me to develop my skills as a Fine artist and create a strong portfolio to further expand my studies and enroll in a master’s degree on Visual Arts in a different university.