ARTSCLOUD’s new project called “1st ARTSCLOUD DIGITAL ART FAIR”. The mission for “Digital Art Fair” are not only to discover and introduce artists, who create especially new-media art that combines art and technology but also to curate them so that anyone can appreciate the variety of artworks in their daily lives. In addition, they are also planning to build a new art ecosystem that protects artists’ copyrights.  

The 1st Digital Art Fair will be hosted in a complex cultural space. The artworks of the Top 100 artists which are discovered via digital art fair award will be shown in this space. This complex cultural space, called “UNDER STAND AVENUE”, is in the centre of Seoul. This space is one of the cultural landmarks in Seoul, where various concerts, seminars, exhibitions, and festivals are organized. In this space, they will display the artworks of the Top 100 artists selected through expert review, provide exhibition opportunities on there own online virtual space platform, and produce product planning such as fashion and lifestyle goods with the artists. In addition, they are going to invite the Top 5 artists to Korea.  

With the main concept of ‘Enriching life with artworks that naturally resides in the various spaces in which we live’, they look forward to an exhibition that is synesthetic, trendy and harmonizes with humour and unique everyday space where artistic aesthetics and public consensus coexist. Moreover, various incidental programs such as VIP lounge, artist talk, and new-art networking are being prepared.  

As a new global festival of ARTSCLOUD that pioneers an ecosystem of a new art market differentiated from existing art fairs, we expect a lot of participation from Freshart students. We have no doubts that this art fair will be a great opportunity to introduce our students’ artworks to the art market.  

The 1st Digital Art Fair will be from Jan. 14th, 2022(Fri) to Mar. 31st, 2022(Tue), and the application for the contest has been holding from Oct. 01st, 2021(Fri) to Nov. 30th, 2021(Tue). The field of offering is a new media artwork, including all digital artworks or digital transformed works (video, 2D, 3D, GIF, Schematic drawing etc.) 

For more information: www.artscloud.net

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